We Are FabFitFriends

The New Year is always a time when we re-evaluate our lives and make all kinds of plans to accomplish great things. Most people call that ‘making resolutions’ but we call it ‘living Life’. No matter what anyone says, Life; whether it be the people in it, the things we seek or the way we do things; is always evolving. We as human beings, either evolve with it or we don’t.

It’s that acceptance of Life’s evolution in December 2016 which made four friends decide to go on a journey of self discovery. What started out as a simple Whatsapp messaging group became a place of support, motivation, accountability and success. It’s where they became FabFitFriends.

What you will find on this blog is how these FabFitFriends, all black women, now in their late 30’s, navigate the ups and downs of being older, possibly wiser but definitely no more sane than they were when they met at university 15 plus years ago. It is their hope that by sharing the nuances of vision boarding, fitness-ing, accountability-partnering and support-grouping, you will be encouraged to get together with your own FabFitFriends.

2 thoughts on “We Are FabFitFriends

  1. Little things can grow big, from a mere Whatsapp group to a motivating group. I appreciate your steps towards inspiring and enlightening others. Thanks


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