The Healthy Experiment

It is often said, that once a woman hits 35 years old, things get a little more difficult. This reference is usually to their health, fitness levels and/or body weight and composition. For us, that realization hit home a few years after the kids came or life derailed those body goals set years ago, when it became clear that our bodies could no longer do the things they used to be able to as quickly, if at all. In fact, the opposite happens whenever we’ve attempted to ‘restore’ our tried and true methods for either losing weight or getting back in shape i.e. exercise. We know it’s a fool’s quest, but the sometimes lazy or desperate woman in us tricks us into thinking if we try one more time, it will happen. Ten or twenty extra pounds later, here we are.

We know even at this stage, it can be done and that we only need to change the ‘how’ of it. What we also know, is that most weight loss or fitness journeys fail largely because they are either very singular in their end goal or linear in their methods, that is, ‘lose X pounds in Y amount of time by doing just Z’. In other words, for any weight loss journey to be successful, expect things to get a little complicated. The only smart way we could think of, to handle such complications, was to do it together. Women thrive on having a support system, call it our innate nature, so why not just be that for each other. And so ‘The Healthy Experiment’ (HEX) was born.

The main purpose of the HEX is to create consistent healthy habits to help us feel and perform better in life. For us that means:

  • Exercising 4 or more times per week,
  • Consuming 3 or more balanced meals per day,
  • Sleeping 6-8 hours per night,
  • Being accountable to each other (check-in) and,
  • Giving support when it matters most.

To make it a little more interesting we’ve turned it into a competition, created a ‘HEX Pot’ – it’s like a swear jar if you’ve ever had one, and implemented a ‘fit test’ which we’ll use to measure our ‘fitness’ progress. There are no formulas, complex methods, exercises or diets involved. The outcomes, likely to be very different for each person, is what we are after.

Don’t be mistaken, we each have our individual goals, but by not playing the numbers game, i.e. lose x pounds by y time, we are making it a little less daunting and much more fun. So why should you, the average person reading this care? You shouldn’t, it’s really not that exciting. But, we are certain that at least one person can identify with the fact that losing weight or getting healthy doesn’t come naturally, requires a lot of effort, sometimes more than we are willing to exert, and means nothing without having someone at our backs. If nothing else, this is just another chronicle of our journey.


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