Committing To Fitness

If you were to ask any two people what Fitness means to them, its very likely you would get two different answers. The same can be said of us FabFitFriends. We all have some understanding of what fitness is, but only as far as our own personal experiences go, which are individually very different. The one thing we all can attest to however is that our levels of physical activity, and therefore fitness levels, have declined in recent years. We have started to change that.

One tenet of HEX, which we explained in an earlier post, was to get more exercise in and consistently so. We all don’t love doing exercise, except the healthy nut one, but in recognizing its importance to our journey decided to commit to at least 4 days per week. Two of us chose one method by which to exercise while the other two chose another. Why? Well, think about it. If you’re going to exercise not really liking it, you might as well choose something you can tolerate and even like, right? Glad we agree.

And since we are creating consistent healthy habits, there is  no end date for this commitment. That means…long haul baby!

Another key feature of this commitment is its risk vs reward cost. No, we’re not talking about losing weight, instead we’re talking about money. We’ll not bore you with the details except to say, we pay the pot if that 4 times per week is not met. Why? Again, think about it. When money is on the line, you tend to walk the straight and narrow or at the very least, think really hard before intentionally losing any. No one we know intentionally gives up money. No one.

Finally, even though we’ve chosen different methods of exercise, we still want to be able to measure it’s impact over any given period of time. To that end, we’ve created our own version of a fit test. We found that there were enough similarities between the kinds of exercises used by each group, that choosing a few to ‘test’ periodically would give us valuable feedback. So expect to see a video or two. We can’t guarantee that it will be easy to watch but we certainly hope its entertaining.

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