Green-Lighting Goals

Any goal-setting guru will tell you that, a big goal broken down into small manageable ones, gives you a better chance of success than going balls-to-the-wall for the big one all at once. Though we know this, it doesn’t stop us from still setting big  goals  and failing miserably, when reality doesn’t meet expectations. As a support system, it’s our duty to ensure that any goal we set accounts for the realities of both our capabilities and effort. In other words, there has to be a good balance between  what can we do and how much of it are we willing to do to get to that goal.

We have said the FabFitFriends journey isn’t just about losing weight. However, this doesn’t mean that we’ve not set individual weight loss goals. Whether or not they are realistic is open for interpretation but that’s not for you to judge and for us to help each other realize (i.e. give the green light). After all, we want each other to succeed and to do that we have to break down our goals into smaller more manageable ones, starting with a ‘By Week-4 Goal‘.


“You see because I don’t like to buy clothes? You all know this about me. My two jeans and two pants I need to stay with me forever, are kind of getting tight and because I want to wear my clothes until they are old and worn, this is a problem. So one goal by week 4 is to go back into the old clothes, so I can wear them to eternity until they become rags” 


“I don’t know my week 4 goal to be honest. I say I want to be fit but I don’t know how to say in 4 weeks where I’m supposed to be to say “yea I’m closer to fitness”, so I don’t know.” 

(Why the fit test was created)


“My week 4 goal is to be 7lbs lighter. I really want 10lbs but I’ll settle for 7lbs”


“I am aiming for 1-2 inches off my waist and to be less winded in my Crossfit workouts by week 4”

Of course, these goals have been discussed at great length, particularly how best to manage our expectations around them. We’ve recognized that, if we don’t manage our expectations, we’ll continue to set ourselves up for disappointment and potential failures,  all because we keep repeating the cycle. It looks a little something like this:

You set a ‘lose 10 pounds in a month‘ goal. Start off week one in a blaze of fire, but then by week two something in your life happens, you feel stressed, you get off plan, miss a workout or two. More of life keeps happening and you never seem able to get back on track and stay there. Then week three comes around and you are no closer to your goal than when you started so you either cut the goal in half or more and make a last ditch attempt to hit it, OR, you completely scrap it and start over if not abandon it all together.  

If you’ve never experienced the above scenario, then kudos to you, you truly are a gem among rocks. But if you’re anything remotely like any of us, it may seem similar, familiar or even be your current situation. That’s ok. This is why we are on this journey, taking steps to break that cycle and giving our goals the green light. Of course our steps will be smaller, will take longer and be a little more uncomfortable, but we know they are 100% real.


2 thoughts on “Green-Lighting Goals

  1. Your journey is really motivating. While we break our big goals into smaller ones, I still think that bigger goals call for a bigger and tailored action plan. As such, we should aim higher than the little goals.


    1. Thank you Brian. Achieving a goal, big or small will still require an action plan. Said action plan ought to have several ‘smaller’ steps relative to the goal.


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