Of Breakthroughs and Challenges

Week one of the HEX is officially in the books and what a week it has been! For some of us who haven’t done much in the way of exercise lately, the first week back made us question our reasons for agreeing to this insanity! The level of soreness after only 4 days of consistent exercise, is about as uncomfortable as getting a colonoscopy and makes you look at the toilet seat in a whole new light. Why do people find this fun? Pain isn’t fun, it’s just painful.

We all agree though that, trying to do certain exercises, that we did at twenty years old with ease, come with some painful, unpleasant and fart inducing consequences at this age. Twenty jump squats or tuck jumps seemed rather doable until the 5th one sends your hip into some kind of spasm frenzy from the shock, or leaves you bent over with your hands on your knees gasping for the limited air you are convinced you have. Even after modifying exercises as recommended, it highlights your inadequacy to an alarming degree. It’s a good thing then that no one outside our living rooms or home gyms get to witness such “fine” displays of fitness. They may not recover.

Nevertheless,Week 1 has been enlightening at best and humbling at worst. This is not a bad thing. We did what we set out to do, had a few breakthroughs and recognized some challenges we know will require serious focus and persistence in order to overcome.



“I did 9 burpees per minute. Previously I was 10 in minute 1, then 7 in minute 2 to twenty! That’s a big breakthrough for me”


“Realizing that I could do cardio and weightlifting on the same day. Who knew that I wouldn’t die of exhaustion, or the paramedics would come, or somebody would have to do CPR. My body was like ‘yea, you can do this’!”


“I am actually sticking with the plan so far, i.e. exercising 4 times per week and cleaning up what I eat even with much temptation”.


“Positive thoughts and self-talk is powerful and will get me through any pain, perceived or real!



“My biggest challenge is making exercise a priority.”


“The biggest challenge was committing that I’m going to do this”


My daily challenge is not eating any of the Oreos my husband keeps in the fridge. It’s a daily struggle because my sweet tooth has no off button”

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