3 Ways To Find Foods That Fit

So let’s talk Food.

It’s one area we all seem to struggle with, even more so than getting regular exercise. We know without good nutrition, most of our efforts to look and feel good will be in vain.

So why do we struggle with it so much?

To us, the answer is simple.

We are all trying to subscribe to the same low carb, zero fat, rabbit style methods of eating out there instead of figuring out what truly works for us and our bodies.

Biology alone dictates that our physiological and physical uniqueness will impact our responses to food. Add to that our lifestyle habits and stressors and you have a game of musical chairs. Some of us will find a chair to sit in while others will miss the chair, even falling flat on their asses. It’s not a game we can all win.

Then there is the classification of ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ foods and the assigning of guilt to a person consuming one versus the other.

We do know that not all foods are made equal but us having a slice of pizza versus someone having grilled chicken and salad for dinner, should not make us feel ashamed. And while science will show that one is a more nutritionally balanced meal than the other, that’s not to say we cannot fit them both into our lifestyles. We believe there are ways to do so and not have our goals derailed.

So how do we do that?

Stop assigning labels, guilt or shame to food.

We know how our bodies function and all agree that when we eat more fresh and organic foods, we feel better from the inside out. So we will continue to do so. At the same time, if we feel for a slice of pudding or have to go out with friends, we should be able to accommodate it without feeling bad about it.

Eat in a way that fits into one’s lifestyle.

Many proponents of healthy eating suggest eating several small meals spread throughout the day. While it worked well in the past, tighter and more jam packed daily schedules today make it much more challenging to execute. As such, we’ve chosen to experiment with the Intermittent Fasting (IF) method and will share the successes and failures as they unfold.

Find fun and easy ways to prepare food.

Not all of us like to cook, but our commitment to this experiment has meant making sure we have healthy food at our finger tips.

One pot dishes, salad bar selections, pre-made green smoothies and no-cooking-required healthy foods seem to provide the best value for money at this stage. They save us time in the kitchen, money in our pockets, keep us satiated, craving less junk food, energized and feeling good.

It would seem that so far, we are headed in the right direction. Stick around for later updates.

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