Prepare For Self-Sabotage

For all the expert advice available out there re: health, fitness and weight loss, it is sad that there is very little telling you to prepare for self sabotage.

As we will share below, this seems to be one of those things that must happen. Whether it happens in week one or twenty, rest assured that at some point along the journey, you will throw your hands up and say screw it! Forget the balanced meals, pass me the cheeseburger, fries, milk shake and Oreos!”

Even if we do regain our bearings, thanks to friends who talk us off that ledge, years of watching the scale, looking for grand changes in a short space of time or simply trying to fit into a mold we can’t fit into, make self-sabotage a necessary and often occurrence.

It is a hard habit to break. 

And while we have made the decision to focus less on a linear kind of weight loss, we are nonetheless still likely to experience weight related disappointments.

If we are being totally honest, those same disappointments are what tend to trigger the above-mentioned self-sabotage the most. We may not all react in the same way, but we have recognized it for what it is,  a way to cope. It’s definitely not the best way, but we are owning  it and in so doing are on our way to overcoming it.


“Last night on a whim, I decided to weigh myself and I was 1 pound up. I went on the scale six different times, changed locations, did every single thing because I couldn’t believe I was 1 pound up. I have significantly reduced my calorie intake and I’m exercising so what’s going on?! And then most of my diet has been a combination of protein, vegetables, fruits and water. I don’t know if it’s because, I’m having more protein that’s driving the weight up but it was very discouraging. I woke up this morning and didn’t feel like keeping this up but I did. Then at lunch time, just for spite I said “I’m going to have anything I want and went to an Indian buffet. I just wrapped up and had everything they gave me. So yea!”   


“I am a serial weigher, although I say I won’t, I keep weighing myself. I fixed my eating, been doing exercise and I am up 3lbs! The way I was so annoyed, I just ate crap!” 


“I don’t do it. If I put on 2 pounds, I put on my eating dress. Yes I have an eating dress! Pop off the fridge door and or start dialing take out places. Then afterwards I look in the mirror and feel ashamed. So I’ve stopped weighing myself.”


“I have been weighing myself everyday for years. It’s a habit that gave me control. But since the weight started creeping up this past year and a half, I’ve stopped, mostly. My ability to add a little extra cardio here or cut back a few calories there and watch the pounds easily come off, no longer exist. I get that feeling of losing control of my body and it drives me crazy. It’s a real internal struggle. So somedays I say f%@! it and skip the gym (its not often) or i’ll eat a whole bag of popcorn rather than have the meal I’m supposed to have.  I try not to feel guilty over it, but I can’t say it doesn’t happen. 

2 thoughts on “Prepare For Self-Sabotage

  1. Like the post rightly said, self-sabotage is bound to happen as I am currently facing it. However, my head is up and I will not quit in my weight loss journey. I appreciate the enlightenment and encouragement.


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