5 Tips To Restarting Exercise

We are well into our HEX experiment (week 3), and it’s no less painful than the first week but unlike then, we’re now much more prepared for it and handle the fall out a little better (soreness is no longer shocking).

For the purposes of this experiment, two of us are using the Jillian Michael’s at home ‘Banish’ workout, while the other two are using CrossFit and HIIT type workouts.

The main goal of this was simply to get in more activity than we currently were. And while our aim is 4 sessions per week we aren’t limited by it. Some of us choose to supplement with other exercise, like weightlifting and kickboxing, while the rest find ways to increase their activity throughout the day such as walking during lunch break and using the stairs instead of the elevator.

Part of our agreement [HEX experiment] states that we video tape and share our [workout] sessions as proof that we are in fact doing as we say we’re doing. This means that in most cases that’s done with our cell phone so pardon the quality of the videos you will see.

In spite of what the video shows however, note that we are all at very different places in our ‘levels of fitness’. We are not trying to ‘demo’ any particular exercise nor tell you how to do them, instead we are sharing our experiences with them.

It is from said experiences that we offer the following pieces of advice ad tips.

  1. No matter at what level of fitness you think you’re at, find an activity you like and just start. If you’re not sure, make a list of possibilities, try them one at a time (even multiple times) until one clicks.
  2. From there you’re only aim should be to get better each and every time and that can only happen if you keep going back.
  3. You will have days when you’re too exhausted to exercise, or some unexpected mess happens that throws you off, roll with it. Don’t fight it. Just pick up the next day.
  4. You will fail at some exercises, or you may not be able to do a few. That’s perfectly ok. Find a modification that helps you get the necessary work done.
  5. Check your ego and recognize that it’s a process for which there are no shortcuts. It is a long and extremely winding road that requires patience and persistence.

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