Lessons Learnt

Already we’re a month into this experiment (see post here explaining it) and unbelievably we are not the same people we were 30 days ago. Did we magically drop weight or suddenly chop off unwanted inches? No. While that would have been a good thing (for most of us), we were focused more on creating better habits that would serve our long term goals. In so doing, we collected quite a bit of information and learnt some key lessons.

  1. Consistency really is key.
    • Committing to the 4 days per week was challenging at first, but as each week progressed, it became as much a habit as anything else.
    • Things that were initially extremely difficult or challenging, like burpees or 180 degree jump squats, became no less so. We however were surviving them a little better than before.
  2. Accountability works.
    • Knowing we had to check in weekly (there’s an excel sheet for this) made sticking to the 4x per week exercise commitment easier.
    • Being accountable to the group made ‘bad-decision making’ less of an automatic occurrence and more of a deliberate consideration. 8 out of 10 times better decisions prevailed.
    • Even after making less than desirable decisions, having group accountability made getting back on track a much easier task.
  3. Support is necessary.
    • Group support is a powerful thing. Even when doubt creeps in and you aren’t sure or even believe you’re doing things correctly, a simple word of encouragement from your group is enough to keep you going.
    • Even on days we absolutely didn’t want to exercise having our own little cheering squad, made us give whatever we did our best effort. Doing something was better than none was our thinking.
  4. Don’t expect major changes.
    • It took years to put ourselves in this shape or lack there of. It is therefore unrealistic to think that 1 month of exercise and clean eating is going to suddenly transform our bodies. Accepting that the damage done or unhealthy behaviors adopted took years, is our first hurdle. Understanding therefore that real change is going to take quite a bit of time, maybe even years, is the next.
  5. Make things a priority.
    • Exercise or proper eating has to be a priority. It can’t be fleeting. We’ve had to put it into your schedules (7 a.m. – Banish, 12p.m. Lunch) to make it work. Some of us may or may not have laminated ‘I am going to exercise 4x p/week‘ and mounted it on a wall/mirror in an effort to stay committed. Finding a way to make it a part of you is the only way it can last.
  6. It doesn’t get easier.
    • It’s bullshit when others tell you “its going to get easier” or “as you keep doing it, it’s going to be great” or “it’s going to be second nature”. It isn’t! This gets harder as you get leaner, stronger or fitter. Not that those things aren’t great but it certainly doesn’t get any easier and anyone saying otherwise is blowing smoke.
  7. Understand that we are human.
    • If things aren’t always perfect with our jobs, our families and our lives then suddenly taking steps to become healthier won’t magically make them so. They will still be imperfect. Understand and accept that.
    • There is space in our lives for error even in the process of becoming healthier versions of ourselves. We are only human.

2 thoughts on “Lessons Learnt

  1. From your 30 days journey so far, I have learnt a lot from the tips you shared. It has been a nice one and I am also getting rid of some excess fats with your helpful tips. Thanks


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