Vacation Truths

Ah Vacation! If you’re lucky or deliberate enough, it’s that magical period you get or plan to take a take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily living. It’s a time to unwind and regroup, and in many cases, relax the rules and routines that usually govern our lives.

For us having finally settled into a rhythm of consistency over the past few weeks, taking a vacation we knew would be a great way to challenge our process. With activities planned for most days, meal times not guaranteed, sleeping patterns thrown off course, it is easy to see the appeal of relaxing any and all rules created at the start of our journey to keep the fun at a maximum. Truth be told, in many instances we did this, but in so doing, we realized that

by choosing ONE thing we KNEW we could control, and focusing on maintaining it  

we didn’t have to sacrifice much, if anything at all, for having a good time. So in the case where we were unable to control the foods available, we ensured we got some exercise in, and if getting to exercise was challenging, we made sure to stay on top of balancing meals; well…most of us at least.

While we identified the ‘control is key’ dynamic, it would be remiss of us not to mention that in spite of that, for some of us, a vacation

  • can be miserable without a schedule or a proper plan in place,
  • can force us to find new ways to adapt, or
  • really means taking a complete break from all things routine including sleep, hydration, exercise and proper nutrition.

While none of the above scenarios mean we’ve failed, they do imply some consequences are likely once the vacation is over. How we handle said consequences will be a matter of our own awareness (of choices made) and perspective (i.e. positive or negative).

  • If vacation made us miserable, then we are likely to be glad when its done and ‘order’ is restored.
  • If we found new ways to adjust, then a return to a normal schedule isn’t likely to be any harder.
  • If the plan was to take a complete break, then returning to a routine can either be an easy adjustment (if now feeling refreshed and rejuvenated) or a hard one (if exhausted and sluggish from excess and over indulgence).

At the end of the day, a vacation is whatever you make it. There is no reason however to think you can’t have one AND still be on your journey or see progress. Find one thing you know you can control and keep doing it no matter what. Learn to let go a little bit and have fun with everything else. It’s a long road ahead, so why not enjoy the sites along the way. We sure did!


2 thoughts on “Vacation Truths

  1. This is no short of what vacation entails, but it is often hard to find the meal I like when on vacation. Is there any possible solution to this? Thanks


    1. Kylee if you are traveling to go on vacation a good tip is to research restaurants or food options before you go. That helps you manage your expectations and gives you time to come up with a plan. Hope this helps you for the next time.


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