Exercise During Vacation

While vacation is technically you taking a break from a busy, possibly stressful life, it really should not exclude exercise. Unless you are on a ‘sleep all vacation because you are so exhausted’ kind of vibe, getting exercise in should be the one thing you ensure you do. Why? Well, for starters, keeping it in makes it easy to go back to your regular routine, even if you forfeit other good habits, once vacation is done. Secondly, it’s the perfect time to try something new like going for a bike ride, taking a dance class or running or walking along a scenic route – things you normally don’t get to do either for lack of time or access. Finally, it keeps you in a good mood and sets you up for a great day. Those are the only days we want while on vacation right? We thought so too!

For us, being on vacation didn’t stop the 4 times weekly exercise commitment. We were still being held accountable, would face a penalty for missing a certain number of sessions AND had others in the group for whom it’s become a lifestyle. The rest of us needed to keep up. Besides, it was about the only thing we could control given a jam packed schedule of fun and activities ahead of us. And by doing it early in the day, we gave ourselves that jolt of energy needed for whatever the day threw at us.

By also choosing to stick with our regular exercise routines, we removed the guess work (trying to come up with on-the-fly workouts can be a pain sometimes) and saved ourselves a lot of time. It also gave us an opportunity to exercise as a group, alternating between each chosen method of exercise for this experiment (which this post explains) and provide a little extra push.

Vacations are typically made to be fun. So it makes sense to find something you enjoy and go at it. Whether you chose to try a new thing or stick to your routine, spending 20 minutes each day is all you really need to work up a sweat or find your zen. Whether you choose to go solo or in a group, do it from the comfort of your hotel room or the hotel’s small gym, there really is no excuse not to exercise. We want this to stick right? We want to not have to keep starting over right? Then friends, you can’t wrong this way.

So whether you chose to walk every day, do some bodyweight exercises or find a gym class to participate in, plan your vacation with exercise in mind. Unless exercise for you is a chore and you are still fighting it’s usefulness in your life, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Check out what’s available wherever you vacation and go with the easiest if not most economical option. We all know how difficult it can be to get started again after any kind of break from exercise. It almost feels like starting from scratch. So let’s try to avoid that shall we? You’ll be glad you did.

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