3 Fun Ways To Be More Active

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Whether we live in warm tropical climate or where it’s cold and rainy 8 months out of the year, we could all do with a little more activity in our lives. We have so much convenience available to us these days, that more of our waking hours are spent sitting or lying down and less being active. A one hour session at the gym is hardly considered sufficient to counteract the potential negative impacts of such sedentary behaviors (see article here).

So what are we do? It’s pretty simple. Sit less and move more. There are many ways to do this, but we’re suggesting 3 ways to do so with some fun thrown in.

Go Sightseeing During Lunch Time

You’ll probably spend 6-8 hours sitting at your desk at work. Break it up by going for a walk during lunch time. To make it fun, consider walking to a nearby park, gallery or museum. Have your lunch on a park bench and breathe in the fresh air. If the gallery or museum allows visitors then walk around, take in the culture and the architecture; and don’t forget to take pictures – selfies are totally encouraged. Not only does this give you a much needed mental break, it also adds more physical activity to your day. Be sure to either wear your most comfy pair of shoes to work or stash a pair of sneakers in your desk drawer.

Go for Bicycle Ride

If you learned to ride a bicycle as a child, not only was it fun but it also taught you how to be patient, take risks and trust yourself. Once you learn how, you never truly forget it. So why not re-introduce it. Ride to work for a short commute. Join a bicycle club with regular riding schedules and explore your city. Find a bicycle friendly (or specific) trail and go for a morning or evening ride. With so many health benefits you can’t go wrong.

Organize Playtime

When was the last time you organized a play date? Not for your kids or your dogs, but for yourself? If it’s been awhile or you’ve never done so, this is also a great way to get moving more. If there is a sport you’ve always wanted to ‘try’, schedule it as a play date and regularly. If you love computers and games, the Wii console is another great way to get some fun time into your day. Invite friends or family to go head to head in a dance off, a game of tennis, a boxing match or a host of other activities that are sure to leave you laughing and a sweaty mess. If you have kids, you already have built in playmates, so instead of sitting and watching them play, join them. Not only do you get the benefit of moving more, you also get your kids worn out. Worn out kids make bedtime much nicer than wired ones do. We’d say that’s a win!

4 thoughts on “3 Fun Ways To Be More Active

  1. Really sounds great! I have not been a fan of sightseeing but I think I can be more active and spice up my life by organizing playtime and going for bicycle ride. Thanks


  2. Interesting read! Obviously more of our waking hours has been all about sitting or lying down. I’d opt for bicycle riding. I’m going to try this out seriously. Thanks for the tips.


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