FabFitFriends Soapbox Episode 1


Allow me, Slice, to get on my soapbox today.

Why is society so harsh on women?  Last week there were articles everywhere that Kim K’s butt had cellulite……really people??? So what? I can show y’all some cellulite —lol.

Then there are models and actresses etc who feel insecure because of what they perceive to be physical flaws. It just dawned on me that society has taken it to another level when it comes to judging women by physical attributes. It is also a very weird line, because being overweight, underweight, putting foreign objects in your body is not healthy. So where do we draw the line between health and appeasing to society’s obsession with what women should look like. I know this is hard, but we just get to the point where “WE DON’T GIVE A CRAP”. I know people will probably comment and say, I bet you she is this overweight blob in her mom’s basement, typing away while crunching at Cheetos. You could be right.

My point is this – don’t get caught up with the hype. Focus on fixing yourself for you. Focus on your health. Eat better because you don’t want to be taking medication for high blood pressure at 43 years old. Exercise because diabetes runs in your family and you want to break the cycle. Let go of donuts everyday for breakfast and opt for oatmeal because you really want to wear those white jeans you bought on sale, because YOU know you will look good in them.

When we start to point inward and try to please ourselves and set goals for ourselves – trust me, it no longer becomes an “uphill battle” but rather a journey to a wonderful place.

After a date told me I would look really good if I lost some weight, I realized that I was doing things all wrong – and this is why I failed. I was not doing healthy things for me. So I changed tactics and started being selfish with my health and fitness goals. THEY WERE FOR ME. Guess what, FabFitFriends is going almost three months and my results have been awesome. I AM OFFICIALLY WINNING!

2 thoughts on “FabFitFriends Soapbox Episode 1

  1. Wow! you just said it all! With an array of unending comments and side talks from different persons and groups, one seems to be confused about what one wants. However, this piece just taught me a whole lot. Its time to focus strictly on my health and turn my back on what people think I should look like.
    I really appreciate this, thank you.


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