Gym Attire: Function Over Style

Do a quick google image search for “gym clothes” and tell us what comes up. No, go ahead, we’ll wait. Find it? No doubt you’re seeing all kinds of fashionable and stylish looking gym wear and immediately think maybe you should go ahead and update your gym clothes. You however, hesitate. Why? Because you know that as stylish and gorgeous as you think they would look on you, there usually is one fundamental problem with what’s trendy. They don’t function very well.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.35.11 PM

Now we know there are those who love their fashion and will opt to stay on top of trendy new styles no matter what – function be damned. That’s totally ok and to those sisters we say “Do you girl!” But for us, we prefer our gym attire to work just as much if not more, than we do.

In particular we expect our gym wear to:

Fit Well

There is nothing more detracting than pulling your pants up each time you squat and stand or trying to keep your breasts from escaping your sports bra during jumping jacks. Not cool! We all want to wear clothes that fit and fit well. Gym clothes are no exception. Though we know that different brands will fit each of us differently, we do expect that at the very least, they fit well enough to move with you, neither restricting movement nor causing indecent exposure.

To Be Comfortable

Dealing with the discomfort from itchy or slippery material while trying to get through a workout is not the best feeling in the world. Even worse are clothes that neither breathe well (where you feel like you’re burning up) nor live up to its claims of moisture-wicking (i.e. you’re soaked from outside in). This may not be something most people think about, but if we are spending at least 4 days per week getting our sweat on, then being comfortable becomes a priority.

To Be Durable

If you’ve ever had a pair of tights that after two washes starts ripping at the seam, and in the crotch no less, then you know how inconvenient it can be. If you’re lucky enough, embarrassing too. Workouts are hard by themselves, and our goal to keep it going for the long haul also applies to our gym wear.

To Launder well

No one likes stinky gym clothes. And no we’re not talking an hour after wearing it. We’re talking about after you’ve done your weekly load of laundry using fabric softener and drier sheets (things you didn’t buy until you started to exercise regularly). Why? To get the smelly sweaty scents out. We only have so many gym pants and tops, so to have gym attire that can stand up to our sweatiest workout without retaining the odors is something we absolutely cherish.

All this isn’t to say that we don’t occasionally indulge in a hot new sports bra or yoga pant. We do. But only if it appeals more to function over style.

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