What To Do When Motivation Escapes You

It’s been a solid five months since we started this journey and it’s been nothing short of interesting. Progress, while it has been made, has certainly not been linear. Good habits while have been developed, still take an inordinate amount of work and staying motivated  is by far the hardest thing we’ve had to do. Despite what picture fitness social media may paint, there is no magical switch that flips on and keep’s you going and going. At some point along the way, your routine becomes just that – no matter how you switch it up (and that itself can be a hazard); the demands of life get overwhelming, sickness or worse injury happens and just like that you’re in a rut. Motivation is the last thing you feel. What do you do?

Truth is there is nothing you can do, except to keep moving. For years we’ve been doing routine things like brushing our teeth, taking a shower or combing our hair. Such habits become a part of you. It turns out that we have to treat taking care of our health much the same way. If we wait on something external to push us each time we lose motivation, then we are setting ourselves up for failure. Of course, an inspiring story or seeing someone achieve similar or greater success may help boost our spirits once in a while, but to see long lasting change, we simply have to put our big girl panties on and do what we must even when we don’t feel like it.

In case you weren’t clear on how to do that, we’ve got a few tips for you.

  1. Take action. No matter how small, take even the smallest possible step towards the thing your losing motivation for. So if you are struggling to get to the gym, an action like putting on your sneakers is enough to get you moving. It won’t always work, but its one action that will then lead to you putting on your gym clothes and next thing you’re out the door. Taking action has a domino effect, once you start you just want to keep going.
  2. Schedule it first. If you are one of those people who lives by their daily planners/calendars, then slotting it in – preferably for weeks at a time – before everything else is the easiest way to remind you to get it done. Its hard to ignore if you respect your calendar, unless you decide to erase it, then sorry that’s just you making excuses. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  3. Make goals visible. If you’re struggling to drink more water for example, put a post it – ‘hydrate to keep skin great‘ on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car, or your computer screen at work to remind you of that goal. Seeing it as often as you do, influences your subconscious mind and pretty soon chugging water becomes second nature.
  4. Take a break. It may sound counterintuitive but doing so may be the very thing you need to get that spark back. You schedule a vacation when you need a break from work right? Then take the same approach in this. Go decompress, relax and unwind – body, mind and spirit. Reclaim your energy so you can get back to the business of kicking your own butt.

The truth is motivation does not last forever. It requires an inordinate amount of work, rest, and deliberate actions to keep the momentum going. Work that YOU, and only you, have complete control over. So really there’s no need to wait on the next Monday motivation when you my friends, have what you need staring at you. Right. In. The. Mirror.  What are you going to do with it?

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