Why Your Hustle Matters

It’s very easy to think that all this work you’ve been putting in – to exercise and healthy habits – is not enough. Social media hashtags like #gohardorgohome and #yourmaxismywarmup do enough to make you sometimes feel that try as you might, your efforts will always be lacking. That’s why we don’t pay too much attention – or we try not to.

Whether or not you’re even keeping up with social media, we’ve found that one of the fastest ways to get in your own way is to measure yourself against another person’s yard stick. Sure, its ok to admire their hard work, ethic and results, use it even to take action. But often times their success is used to belittle your own efforts, and that my friends, takes you down a slippery slope. One that cheats you of being present in your own lives to witness your badassery (yes we’re so owning that word!).

We’ve repeatedly said that any journey to improve yourself – whether its in your career, health and fitness or for your family – takes work. That remains truer still. But here’s what’s also true.

You, en route to being your best self, are in fact being a badass woman, with a badass hustle.

And believe it or not, that hustle matters, not just to those directly affected, but especially to others unknown and unseen by you. Others who are dealing with similar struggles and challenges that you’ve faced to get to where you are now. Your efforts, your progress, your resilience, your happiness and positivity matters to others needing the inspiration, to get started right where they are. Chances are, it was that same inspiration, provided by someone else’s hustle that prompted you to start your own journey. No one becomes good at something without first being a beginner.


FabFitFriends share below how they either came to realize or were reminded that their hustle did matter.


As far as I am concerned, I’m an amateur. I feel like I’m barely hanging on most days especially when it comes to doing the #FabFit circuits. So to have women come up to me in the gym, ask about what I’m doing or say they’ve observed me and want to join me, is still surprising. It makes me feel good to realize that my efforts, while just for me, have somehow impacted someone else.


I am lucky enough to have a gym at work, so when I get approached by coworkers who ask what I am training for, I relish it. I go so far as to rope them into doing the workouts with me and help to coach them too. 


I am not new to working out nor to being approached for advice on exercise but when you’re in a new and big city and no one knows you, its easy to think you’ll be invisible. Even more so is believing that because I’m not as strong or as fit as I once was then I’m not as relevant. So when women [in this new place] complement me on having great lifting technique or being the kind of strong they hope to be, it’s a pleasant reminder. No matter where I am and how much I struggle, my journey can serve someone, so long as I show up every day.

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