The Odd Object Workout | Part 1

Wouldn’t it be perfection if everybody had access to a gym with all the tools and equipment needed to be a badasss in their fitness?

It really would!

But alas, there is no such thing as perfection and not everyone has that kind of access nor does everyone even want to.

What we all have though, is access to our own bodies, and learning to move it is the easiest way to become that fitness badass we mentioned [You can sign up for our #HealthyHolidayChallenge here to get these ideas delivered to your inbox].

Even if you’re already seasoned in the fitness game, you will agree that there are so many ways to move that will give you a challenge. Include external weight to those movements and the challenge intensifies.

This external weight can take any form.

From the standard dumbbells and barbells, to odd objects like sandbags, ropes, tires and sledge hammers.

Even things you have at home can be made into workout equipment.

Things like water bottles become your dumbbells, a dressing stool or ledge becomes a box or bench, a bag filled with books becomes a sandbag and cement blocks become your heavy object. Yes you read that right, cement blocks!

There really are no limits to what you can find right in your home. If you can safely lift, hold, pull, push, step on or swing it, trust us, it’s enough!

The Workout

We did say, cement blocks were an option right?

This workout uses just that and it was such a challenge yet so much fun that it’s been split up into 3 parts.

We hope you enjoy Part 1, share it with all your friends, and look out for Part 2 next week.

If you don’t have nor feel safe using blocks, work with whatever weighted object you have available.

Remember…endless possibilities!

The Odd Object WOD - Part 1b (1)

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