How BlogFest 2018 Filled My Cup

Hey there.

My name is Shanique and I am fitness blogger and health and nutrition coach.

Whew! That felt so good to say…finally.

Not because I just completed a fancy certification or suddenly had this blog blow up with a flood of followers.

Rather, I’ve just finally realized that all my life’s experiences, in addition to the certifications I actually do have, give me more than enough credit to be of service.

So it’s time I stop playing small even as I am starting over.

It took me attending Idea World’s Fitness BlogFest for the first time this past weekend, to be able to confidently say and own that.

BlogFest is the brainchild of FitApproach and #SweatPink founder Jamie King (check her out here).

It’s 3 days of exploration, sharing, growth and mind blowing development for everyone in attendance usually fitness bloggers, trainers and instructors. Basically anyone who has an online presence in the fitness space and wants to be more and do more for those they serve, was here.

Over the 3 days so much was poured into my cup, which clearly was as empty and dry as the sahara desert [it’s been a draining 12 months]. I could tell you just how much I needed this but this post would never end so instead I’ll tell you I. Was. There. For. Every. Drop!

The speakers selected this year were pure gold. Petra Kolber, GiGi Ashworth, Sadie Nardini, Heidi Powell, Chantal Brodrick and Natalie Jill all delivered messages that, if nothing else, breathed life into every fiber of my being.

Presenters: Petra Kolber, Heidi Powell, Natalie Jill, Sadie Nardini (bottom right far left)

Whether or not they shared before hand, the messages they would be bringing, one thing was clear – their success in this space is built on the same combination of hard work, consistency and passion.

Even more potent was the recurring theme of authenticity in delivering your own message to your clients, followers and tribe. This stuck with me, and was a sentiment similarly expressed by the other fabulous women I shared space with.

Side note: Some of the most genuine, driven and passionate women you will ever meet were in the room. I’m beyond blessed to say more than a connection, they are now part of my sisterhood.

Just a few of the wonderful women that I can now say are part of my sisterhood.                  Healthy Curves Rock, Flex of Lex, StressLess FatLoss, Emily Hardeman, The Hip Healthy Chick, Nymp In The Woods, Practical Wellness With Ty, Natural Fly Diva, Chocolate Runner Girl, Mama Lifts, Before And After My Empty Nest, Live Fun Fit  

Yet, with all the presentations and keynote speeches, the following 5 things struck the most cords, leaving no doubt that some changes are necessary. It’s about time I level up!

  1. Perfection is the thief of progress. Or is it procrastination? I’m not sure but both do apply and are in fact intertwined. The blog post or online program will never be perfect. There will always be something you’ll want to change. The timing will never be just right. But you know what will? Sharing your imperfections with the world. The ones you can help are the ones looking to connect with you. They want to know you are real people like them; subject to the same challenges, makers of similar mistakes and achievers of the very successes they are striving to get to. So just do the damn thing!
  2. No one cares who you are until they know that you care. This will be the single most important driver for your blog and/or business. If all you attempt to do is chase Instagram likes, at some point you’ll either lose who you are trying to attract or gain those looking for the next ‘trendy’ band wagon to jump on. You aren’t likely to win. You know what will? Your message and the value it portraits. It is that vibe that will attract your tribe. They will want to connect with you because it’s something you are passionate about and they see themselves in you or at the very least aligned with you. Once you can meet a need, and provide true value, it doesn’t matter what it costs, people will find you.
  3. Everyone is putting out content but none of them is you. Of course, you will not be the only person creating and sharing content on workouts, weight loss, yoga etc. However there is no one with your perspective or experience to be able to share it quite the way you do. For everyone you see creating and sharing, trust that there is one person waiting: to have their aha moment because of the way you demonstrated an exercise or explained a concept, or be encouraged by an experience you shared. But you won’t know until you hit ‘publish’ or ‘send’.
  4. Comparison is the thief of joy and so is swerving into other people’s lanes. There will always be someone with a bigger audience, presence and more brands associated with them than you. That is no reason to think they have ‘it’ and you don’t. It only means that you’re on a very different chapter in your life and career than they are. Especially if you are just getting started. You’ll never know what they’ve had to endure to get where they are. Just rest assured that some work was involved, none of it easy – otherwise we’d all be rich. You may also find it better served to support rather than compete with those you see doing good and big things – the kinds of things you also want to be doing. Comment on their posts, share their work and give credit when it’s due (plagiarism is just wrong), let them know you like their style, but only if you really do though – (disingenuity doesn’t look good) and be really happy they are paving the way for you. If you find yourself comparing or wanting to say negative things about them, use it as an opportunity to see what you could improve on to be the best person YOU can be.
  5. The only way to grow and have an impact is to show up. Every. Single. Day. There will be hard days and times when it seems you will not be moving. It is in those very moments when we should keep pushing forward. Make short term and long term plans. Always be willing to change courses, try and learn new things, fail over and over again. It’s only then do we evolve and become who were meant to be.

So once again Hi.

I’m a fitness blogger and health coach.

Though I have not posted anything since February 2018, I am changing that with this post. Though I haven’t actively coached any clients in the past 2 years, I have worked on healing myself – and boy did that take a ton of work. And guess what, I’ve figured a few things out, most important of which is I will always be a work in progress. It is in doing that work, can I truly be of service to those who need it.

So stay tuned in.

Thank you Jamie, Liz, Nic and Alyse (not pictured) for giving us bloggers a place to find inspiration and be challenged to step up and out of our comfort zones.

#SweatPink’s hardworking team (left – right) Elizabeth Wilson, Nicci Randall & Jamie King

4 thoughts on “How BlogFest 2018 Filled My Cup

  1. I am beyond glad that you came this year and that we got to spend the time together that we did! This past weekend gave me much to think about, but one of the big things for me was building an authentic community. And I love that I got to find so many awesome sisters to be a part of that, including you! ❤️
    And I’m so proud of you for sharing who you are!


  2. The theme of authenticity, being true to yourself, and realizing that if you could help just one person it would all be worth it really struck me with this Blogfest (as well as with the whole IDEA experience). It really was an amazing experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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