Who We Are


I’m a single mom with a passion for most things except fitness. I’ve never been skinny and have no goals to be anything but a perfect Size 10, maybe 8. I am very health and fitness ‘aware’ and generally try to manage what I eat, however  inconsistently. Nonetheless, I love food but  have recently started eating like my six year old, with my late 30’s metabolism. In short, my eating habits and very lazy attitude to exercise  have begun  to show in ways and places I don’t like at all. Now, I am in relentless pursuit of my  “summer body” and/or the one I had in my “proppa hot girl days”. A girl can dream but I’m certainly  ready to try and have definitely started. Stay tuned- my journey continues.



I’m a fitness and health coach in a love hate relationship with Oreo cookies. I used to be really serious about my eating being strict and my training being for a purpose all of which changed when burn out hit and I went to live overseas. I didn’t handle the change very well and hate that my body shows it but at the same time, love my life enough not to stress over it so much. I miss the days of looking and feeling like an athlete but still have dreams of being one at the masters level. I think there’s still hope…kinda.




I really don’t care about having a summer body, refuse to say I am into fitness yet seem to know what a clean and jerk is and I have a gym membership I regularly use. Why? I am into health. I worry about how my genes might lead to high blood pressure and ‘sugar’ aka diabetes. I’ve realized that a good quality of life as you grow older hinges on a balance between diet and exercise, therefore I do it. Stop telling me exercise is FUN! For me it’s a job or duty.



A mom, a wife, a lover of sports and shoes. I am stuck in the good old days of ‘slim and sexy’ and eat like a horse, so I try all kinds of diets while working out. I am not a fan of the gym but I love to exercise, hence why I started CrossFit. I really do prefer to play sports but never seem to have the time.